Sunday, December 30, 2012


Commitment is a scarier word to men than HIVDEATHJAIL combined. A man will drink Hennessy for 30 days straight, all day long.  Who cares about a liver or dying. Drive without a license even though he know if he gets caught again he going to jail. Who cares about doing a little time. Run into random females raw no condom, no nothing. Who cares about a little HIV.  But will date his baby mama for 13 years while still thinking is she the woman I want to be with. Hell you already ruined her life pumped her full of babies she can't afford nor did she even want. You have place so many  insecurities on her no other man will ever be able to deal with that shit.  You been telling her for years she fat and need to loose weight but your mama, grandma and aunts are all shaped like wisdom teeth. Meanwhile her dumb ass working 12 hrs a day, going to zumba, taking care of the kids, cooking you dinner, making sure your ego is stroked but you sit there still wondering if she is the women for you? Really. Dont laugh too hard, this is some of yall real life.

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Anonymous said...

Lol @ shaped like a wisdom tooth.