Monday, January 7, 2013

3 Types of People That Don't Make Good Friends

  1. Hoes: She will get you in every after-party all-star weekend, but she will also screw your boyfriend and maybe your little brother. Hoes don't have boundaries and we all need boundaries. She thinks its okay to bone your boyfriend, use your credit card and wear your brand new shoes before you. 
   2. Self-Absorbed People: This person is extremely tiring. They always want to talk about their issues, but will never have time for yours. Imagine being in the hospital and getting ready to give birth to your first child. Your self-absorbed best friend walks through your hospital room door. You are so happy and as you say, "Hey Girl, Thanks for" you hear, "Girl, you won't believe my day". She expects you to stop focusing on your Lamaze breathing techniques and talk to her. Get ready to be this persons Gayle and Oprah.    

   3. Chameleons: You know this person, sometimes they are hard to spot. Chameleons are constantly changing. They will never have an original thought, joke or look. When you hate the McRib, they hate the McRib. You hate jeggings, that wench hates jeggings now. You try out Solange's box braids, guess who has those braids.

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