Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Day Older

So I just celebrated another birthday and things are becoming clear to me, life does get easier as you get older. But I still have my fears. My worst fear, besides waking up in a room full of Mexicans with British accents braiding my hair, is getting old. Well looking old I should say. I want to always look pretty. I want to always have my bright smile and smooth chocolate skin. I want to always look well rested. I look at some of the ladies I went to school with, who are now mom's and... Umm yea.. Does being a mom mean I no longer comb my hair or wear makeup? Did the baby also suck away your sense of style along with your eyesight? Cause I know you see the fit of that pant is all wrong. That scares me! But not enough to not want a baby. A bouncing cooing bubble baby. So will 2013 be the year of the baby for me?

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