Friday, January 4, 2013

Beware Of These Five Guys

1. The guy who talks to you about his ex-girlfriend

Location: Owns a house - Car: 2011 Maxima - Sexual Style: Suspect: This guy will want to do things that only bottom gays would entertain. There's going to be some weird, fetish anal happening with or without your permission. - Music Influence: Trey Songz

2. Unsigned Rapper

Location: Baby mamas house - Car: whatever she drives. Sexual Style: Emotional: He will make sex creepy and awkward. He will try out his new lyrics in the middle of sex. - Music Influence: Drake

3. Cheap Guy

Location: Rents with five other men - Car: 2013 Audi Sexual Style: Lazy: You will be working that thing like you're part of the tweak team. He will lay there and do nothing. - Music Influence: Marques Houston

4. The 32 yr old that still sells weed

Location: Moms basement - Car: 96 Lexus with rims - Sexual Style: Sahara Loving: This guy is king dick. He will teach you NOTHING, you will learn NOTHING. The sex will be wild, fun and over the top. He will leave with nothing but good memories and a sore box.- Music Influence: Nate Dogg

5. The guy that texts but can't answer his phone

Location: House he shares with his wife, kids and dog - Car: Family SUV - Sexual Style: Passionate: This guy will want to act out every love scene from Love and Basketball and Tyrese's 12 Signs of the Zodiac video. There will be a lot of touching and mouth kissing- Music Influence: LSG, all three members


taneisha Clark said...

So Dumb.....I cant wit u at times

Garvis Venable said...


Nickicia Rosser said...

Lol this list is on point lol you crazy!!

Timmy(°_°) said...

Hmmm... do virgins qualifunny for this listing? Lmao

Timmy!!! said...

Damn autocorrect!!!

My Smart-Ass Mouth said...

They sure do.

LeVance Gordon said...

I feel like you need to put an asterisk by number 4. Sometimes you need one.