Sunday, January 13, 2013

Juicy, Juicy, Juicy Lips

I have no lips but I love my friends lips. Look at these big plump luscious lips my good friend Kea have. The plumpest lips ever and she stay with something slick to say cause I have none.

For us small lip women, there is a lip plumper that is a dream. Its made with Cayenne pepper. Thats what swells the lips up. I apply my lipstick first, then i apply the lip plumper over the lipstick. Your lips will get hot and burn. I'm lying, your lips will feel like they are on fire for about 3 mins. But once the burning stops, the plumping starts! I love this product and I swear by it.


Kea Young said...

Okay fire lips. Lmao. I used one by elf and boy oh boy i wanted to die. My lips felt like i kissed Satan on a heat wave day. I didnt need it, i just had it and wanted to try it but it did make my lips look huge.

My Smart-Ass Mouth said...

Yes, I love lip plumper I need though lol I just hate the no kissing after I apply it and it sometimes make my top lip sweat lol.