Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kim K. & Kanye

Lets talk Kim K. for a moment. Now she has had 2 husbands, Reggie Bush's fine ass and Ray J.  In the last 10 years, all I've had is Popeyes. I've seen her porn and that lackluster head she gives.  Which leads me to believe I'm doing something wrong! I'm not hating, cause she got an agenda, and damnit she sticking to it. Just know I now got my pen and paper out. I'm taking notes.


Nikia Fielding said...

really ctfu no comment

Garvis Venable said...

Oh people talk about her all they may. But the bitch got a plan and she is indeed sticking to it. And don't need not one of these broke hoes to validate her.

My Smart-Ass Mouth said...

You are correct.