Saturday, January 5, 2013

Colored Jeans

Since it doesn't look like the colored jean trend is dying anytime soon, i've decided to add my two cents. Wearing bright colored pants while having a full figure can be difficult. Finding a great pair shouldn't be too hard. Every store that sells jeans should have them in stock. Styling on the other hand, thats a different story. No one wants to walk around looking like a big ass crayon.

Think Fit and Color when shopping for colored jeans. Fit: Make sure the pair you select fits you like a glove. Color: I prefer darker shades in the winter. Ox blood and emerald are beautiful winter colors. I would save the tangerine and cobalt colored jeans for summer.

You can never go wrong pairing your colored jeans with neutral tops. Don't be scared to take style cues from skinny wenches.

I love this look from Jessica Alba. This look could also be worn by someone that wears a 18.


taneisha Clark said...

seee....i wouldve never put those colors together

My Smart-Ass Mouth said...

I know that's why I did it for you. :) hopes that help

LeVance Gordon said...

Typo "skinny bitches"

Heavens to Betsy said...

Thank you for this post. i had a pair of red pants that i thought were doomed to be christmas party rotations, but i decided to try them out with denim shirt and loose fitting black sweater. and i think it actually works!

My Smart-Ass Mouth said...

Glad we were able to help!