Thursday, January 31, 2013

Smooth Criminal

This is for my Big Girls. Gather round y'all, move in close and sit Indian style if you must.Today we are going to discuss Smoothers.

Ain't nothing worst than seeing 240lbs yammed into a 200lb bag. Meaning, I'm tired of seeing y'all big asses in little clothes! Looking like lumpy mash potatoes.

Ain't nothing wrong with a little Lycra on them thighs, belly and back. I wear the Squeem Body Shaper. You can buy them at Ashley Stewart's for $75. Sizes start at 1X and go to 5X. You will have to go inside the store to get fitted. My roommate calls it my tire...Lol. Shapers give my body that nice hourglass shape. It hurts like hell! I'm not going to lie and is the most uncomfortable piece of clothing I own, but I wear it faithfully!

Next, I put on Spanx. Good old faithful Spanx! I purposely buy my Spanxs too small. I think they work better in a smaller size. I put the Spanx over the Squeem Body Shaper for a little extra smoothness. Why you ask?  No stomach roll, no back roll and you have the perfect shape. Now this little tip is free, I'm charging for the next one.

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