Wednesday, January 9, 2013

You Are Not Your Hair Weave

I'm not impressed with this "my hair cost $1000" brag that Tampa women have going on. It takes at least that much to make a man look like a woman. I hope y'all know you can get that same look for less than 300 bucks. I never pay over $300 for my hair because I feel the quality does not change. My hair still looks good and is going on 3 months old. I only paid $300 for these 18 inches.


Marquita Payne said...

What kind of hair is that? And how do you have it in? Sew-in? 3/4wig? Tell me your secrets!

My Smart-Ass Mouth said...

This Brazilian is loose wave dyed jet black and put on tracks. What I did was took my original full Brazilian wig from 2011 and added this new hair by adding I meaning sewing the hair into the wig. It is a full lace front that I put behind my hair line to make it look very natural.