Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The year was 1997, my cousin Tiana had just got a new computer and on that computer was AOL. Me and my cousin Taneisha had no clue what it was, but we need knew it was something good!

We started chatting and have been hooked ever since. Years have passed since that first taste of online chatting. I have been on everything College Club, BlackPlanet, MySpace, tagged, Facebook. You name it, I've tried it. For me it was exciting, it was something new.  I remember going to Black College Weekend and seeing a lot people I chatted with online.

So are we still Internet dating in 2013? If so, what sites are we using now? Is there an age limit? And why is there still a taboo about online dating? I remember when a past coworker was having a baby shower, we all were excited about it until she said she met her new boyfriend on Plenty of Fish! We all had the same face, that 'you really met a guy online and now your having a baby with him' face.

I have yet had a bad experience with meeting people online. I have also met a few people, but I was ready to judge! There was a lot of side eye and smart comments about that coworkers situation. So my question about online dating is, Who's still doing it and what sites are you using?

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LeVance Gordon said...

I remember College Club, and I lived for Black Planet