Tuesday, February 5, 2013


At my age I'm starting to see things differently. I now date to marry. Meaning I'll only deal with someone until the day it becomes clear that i wouldn't marry them, EVER. But what happens when someone from your past re-surfaces? It was good when it was good but when it was bad, it was the worst. What if that person says things have changed? They are a different person now. My mother says "leave the past in the past".

Young Dayna

I lay in bed at night and think about my 20's, and have a good laugh. The laugh comes from a good healthy place. I've been so reckless with my vagina. Any man that wifes me will have to find some understanding. My 20's were a good damn time. Don't laugh too hard, don't make me pull y'all card!

Younger Dayna

Good Time Dayna

I want to believe that people can change, that people grow. The other part of me is like "hell nah girl, this fool think he slick" but it has been over 7 years. People can grow and change. So I guess my question is, Do you give second chances or do you leave the past where it's at in the past?


Carey said...

I believe in second chances but i also believe in small fires...

LeVance Gordon said...

I do agree, you have been reckless with your vagina. I believe in second changes, but I also believe inactions rather than words.