Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Love/Hate - March 18th

love / hate 3/18
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What I Love and Hate this week!
LOVE: Spanx!!! Sara Blakely deserves a Nobel Prize for creating Spanx. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Reba McEntire - Fancy

Should I Settle?

It's 1 AM and I'm laying in the arms of a man that will just do... He's nothing great, he's sweet but he will just do. He says the sweetest things to me but he doesn't make me laugh. He never calls me beautiful or gorgeous. Like I'm use to. He's not really hamburger helper but he sure ain't steak! When do you give up and settle? When should I roll over and accept that I'm not going to get that smart, funny, Blackman with eyes like Africa and a personality to match mine? The man with two Blackberrys and a laptop in his hands at all times. That's the one I'm in love with, but that's not the one who is sleeping on my chest.
When do I give up and accept I'm not going to get that man who laughs when I sing Maroon 5 but joins in with me? The guy who gets my morbid sense of humor and can build on my jokes! When do I give up on that guy and just settle for the one who does hold me at night, but I have to explain my jokes? The one who doesn't understand how I can lay in the bed for a hour a laugh and talk about nothing with my best-friend. Should I settle at 32, 34, 36 or do I throw in the towel now? Because waiting on the one I'm in love with to come around is getting boring.

Love/ Hate - March 11th


Two things I love and hate this week:
LOVE: Gold pyramid earrings. Y'all know I think I'm Nefertiti reincarnate.
HATE: I pray for the end of celebrity fragrances. 

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nene Leakes Is Winning!


Linnethia Monique Leakes has come a long ass way!  I applaud you!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Get Zoe's Look - Plus Size Edition

Normally I can't stand Zoe Saldana, but she served it up at the Miu Miu show at Paris Fashion Week. This look is simple yet sleek.

Who Set Halle Up?

I need to know who did Halle's hair for her upcoming movie, The Call. That has to be the worse hair I've seen in decades. Whoever did her hair for the movie must have hated her. The person responsible needs to have that same dusty ass wig glued to their head.

Even the lady behind her can't get over that horrible hair.  

I think Halle taught us a valuable lesson. Don't let any ol' body do your hair!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Love/ Hate - March 6th

lh 3/6

Two things I love and hate this week. 
LOVE: Black Karen Walker sunnies! 
HATE: Die Lita boot Die!

Fantasia Vs. JET

Lord somebody please put this bird back in her cage! Is she even relevant enough to be on JET? That's the first question. Tasia, boo we just now trying to get pass your home wrecking love affair with the T-mobile man. Too soon boo...too soon! Have several seats!

The Editor-In-Chief of JET posted this to her Facebook page:

“The fact that I wasted an hour of my workday writing a press release to address an issue created by a person who cannot even read it is just … #whyiwannaBahousewife.”

Am I the only person dying? Was Mitzi Miller wrong for this statement?

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Lucy Pearl - Dance Tonight (HQ)

Healthy Eating Tip

So I'm down 13lbs! How you ask? Calorie counting, it actual works. I'm still juicing of course. I juice for breakfast every day. I eat a salad everyday for lunch and dinner, drink plenty of water. Still not  exercising because I'm extremely lazy.  I buy McDonald's side salads, they are the perfect size. I buy  5 at a time. It takes the lettuce 2 days to start turning brown. I add my own chicken or fish. I still allow myself treats like chocolate or white rice but no bread or red meat. The lack of bread and red meat is the hardest part. Instead of having an entire cheat day, I have a Cheat meal. My last cheat meal was on Friday. I had a whopper with cheese, man it was marvelous.

Life Is But A Dream/Nightmare

So we all turned in eager to watch the Beyonce documentary. We thought she was going to let us in! Wrong, the over edited concert video was boring and sad! It showed us nothing interesting about the singer, just lonely she is. Instead showing her talking to her girlfriends, it shows her talking to her computer. I thought she would let us in on her family life, she didn't. However what it did show that she and Jay-Z are really in love. I loved the part where they were singing Yellow to each other, I adored that part. The documentary really made me think long and hard. Is Beyonce really winning? Because it seems to me like she isn't. She has money, fame and the Beehive, but I still think she's lonely. I look at her Instagram page and it's just pictures of her wearing clothes. No pics show us who she is. I look at Kelly's page and it shows her out living life! I know I said a few months ago Kelly just needed to marry an athletic and live life.... Im now eating those words, I would rather be Kelly over Beyonce any day!