Monday, March 4, 2013

Healthy Eating Tip

So I'm down 13lbs! How you ask? Calorie counting, it actual works. I'm still juicing of course. I juice for breakfast every day. I eat a salad everyday for lunch and dinner, drink plenty of water. Still not  exercising because I'm extremely lazy.  I buy McDonald's side salads, they are the perfect size. I buy  5 at a time. It takes the lettuce 2 days to start turning brown. I add my own chicken or fish. I still allow myself treats like chocolate or white rice but no bread or red meat. The lack of bread and red meat is the hardest part. Instead of having an entire cheat day, I have a Cheat meal. My last cheat meal was on Friday. I had a whopper with cheese, man it was marvelous.

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LeVance Gordon said...

Did the whopper go down smooth?