Monday, March 4, 2013

Life Is But A Dream/Nightmare

So we all turned in eager to watch the Beyonce documentary. We thought she was going to let us in! Wrong, the over edited concert video was boring and sad! It showed us nothing interesting about the singer, just lonely she is. Instead showing her talking to her girlfriends, it shows her talking to her computer. I thought she would let us in on her family life, she didn't. However what it did show that she and Jay-Z are really in love. I loved the part where they were singing Yellow to each other, I adored that part. The documentary really made me think long and hard. Is Beyonce really winning? Because it seems to me like she isn't. She has money, fame and the Beehive, but I still think she's lonely. I look at her Instagram page and it's just pictures of her wearing clothes. No pics show us who she is. I look at Kelly's page and it shows her out living life! I know I said a few months ago Kelly just needed to marry an athletic and live life.... Im now eating those words, I would rather be Kelly over Beyonce any day!


Anonymous said...

only beyonce could make me not like beyonce.

LeVance Gordon said...

Thank you and Bravo