Monday, March 11, 2013

Should I Settle?

It's 1 AM and I'm laying in the arms of a man that will just do... He's nothing great, he's sweet but he will just do. He says the sweetest things to me but he doesn't make me laugh. He never calls me beautiful or gorgeous. Like I'm use to. He's not really hamburger helper but he sure ain't steak! When do you give up and settle? When should I roll over and accept that I'm not going to get that smart, funny, Blackman with eyes like Africa and a personality to match mine? The man with two Blackberrys and a laptop in his hands at all times. That's the one I'm in love with, but that's not the one who is sleeping on my chest.
When do I give up and accept I'm not going to get that man who laughs when I sing Maroon 5 but joins in with me? The guy who gets my morbid sense of humor and can build on my jokes! When do I give up on that guy and just settle for the one who does hold me at night, but I have to explain my jokes? The one who doesn't understand how I can lay in the bed for a hour a laugh and talk about nothing with my best-friend. Should I settle at 32, 34, 36 or do I throw in the towel now? Because waiting on the one I'm in love with to come around is getting boring.

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Anonymous said...

No idea. When I get around to playing the field and stop looking for Mr. Right Now I'll let you know. At this point however I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to just freeze my eggs. HA!