Monday, June 24, 2013

95 South

It's that time of the year.... Swimsuit season. Ladies lets make sure we keep that bikini area in check. No one wants to see your Briar Bush while at the beach. There are plenty of things that can be done.

The quickest and easiest is shaving. When shaving make sure you use a brand new sharp razor or an electric shaver. Please be careful! I know what you're about to say, " I'm sensitive and break out". Maybe you need to try Nair. It removes hair from the bikini line by spreading on a thick layer of cream and waiting for 5-10 minutes. The cream makes the hair soft and easy to wipe away. I've never done this but I've heard it works pretty good. Waxing is also a good option. Hot wax is applied to the bikini line. Then a strip of linen is layered on top and pressed down against the wax. Pretty much the same technique as when they wax your lip. (Let's not act)

Check with your local spa and see if they are running deal. If you live in Tampa LivingSocial is currently running a few deals for waxing. Check it out and see what's available in your area. Any method you choose will be great, just make sure you're comfortable with it!

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