Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sh!t I Forgot To Blog About In August

 Kimye finally released photos of baby North. I can admit that I wasn't expecting her to be this damn cute.

 Harpers Bazaar set Gabourey Sidibe's ass up! It's sad that a so-called fashion magazine couldn't find decent plus sized clothing for Gaby. It's also sad and pathetic that Gaby went along with this bullshit.

 Super politician Cory Booker announced that he was running for New Jersey Senate. I can't wait until his presidency.

Beyonce cut her split ends, and the world went nuts.

She then threw this on her head a few days later.

Kelly Price duped the entire world. I don't know how she hid her evil ass personality from the public. I'm still hurting over this. 


It was all a hoax! I knew this story was fishy when his publicist said he booked a show.

 Uncle Rush dissed Harriet Tubman in an ignorant disgusting comedy video. I think coke and white women have made Uncle Rush out of touch.

RIP Jett Jackson

50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. Keep the dream alive!

Let me know if I forgot anything.

Credits: Fox,MSNBC,CNN

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